In my mind, there are so many
04. september 2018 kl. 04:33
In my mind, there are so many things, like the clouds in the sky, that have drifted with the wind as time passed. However, only this thing can't be dispersed in the sky of my heart for a long time.That winter, when my mother and I were preparing to go home, I heard a grandfather��s sipping. "Come and buy sweet potatoes!" I suddenly wanted to eat sweet potatoes Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and I asked my mother again and again, and she finally agreed. We will go to the old man. The old man gave me two sweet potatoes. At this time, I saw his hand full of scorpions and thought: "It is not easy for people to make some money now! A sweet potato is only a piece of money, but the handle is made like this, hehe. I looked up and smiled at him and saw his pale face. When I got home, my mother found that the wallet was gone, and I remembered that it was on the sweet potato stand. Mom said: "The old man can make a profit." After that, I didn't say anything. When we went to the supermarket in the afternoon, I saw the old man. He also saw me Marlboro Red 100S. He hurriedly ran and gave the wallet. We, said: "I have been waiting for you since then Wholesale Cigarettes, and finally waited." Then he left.lthough this matter has been going on for a long time, I still remember it, remember the kind old grandfather.Our world is cruel, and we are powerless and can only accept everything Online Cigarettes.ur world is hypocritical and we can sacrifice everything for the sake of our interests.r world is sad, it is no longer pure and beautiful, only endless evil and greed.ur world is helpless and everything has changed.hen I was young, I liked to watch the sky. Blue, very clear, occasionally there are white clouds, fantasizing that one day to play in the sky. The day is gray and there is no color. The clouds are no longer white, just the dust floating in the sky.The dream of being broken as a child was broken. It has already been bruised and bruised, but it can only be wounded in the corner, and it is strong.Tired, tired, desperate. No longer resist, resist, clamp everything, get used to it, no matter what.The corners of the juvenile have been sleek and understand a person's smallness to the world. No more crying Marlboro Gold, be strong and strong. Can't change the world, only change yourself. Learn to adapt, no longer crazy.It��s raining, the rain is washing everything, but it��s not clean the world. I succumbed, just want to find a place to rest.
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In my mind, there are so many ylq 230 04. september 2018 kl. 04:33


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