"I am the son of the people. I am
18. oktober 2018 kl. 03:46
"I am the son of the people. I am the serviceman of the people Carton Of Newports. I am doing good things for the people. I feel sweet when I am tired again."is is the oath that Uncle Lei Feng wrote in his short and ordinary life. Every time I read this sentence, I can't help but feel the tide, the blood is boiling, and the spirit of Lei Feng is carefully understood. At the same time, I can't help but show a thin and tall figure in my mind.was a northerly morning, and my mother took me on an electric car and rushed to school Newport Cigarettes. The rain at night passed the baptism of the cold wind, and a thin layer of ice had already been formed on the ground, and the road became a smooth ��skating rink��. The passing pedestrians carefully drove their cars one by one, moving slowly and jugglingly forward. mother's electric car was driving fast. She yelled at my bad habit of "sitting on the bed" in the morning, and was late for school, and was late for work. I can only help but nod. Suddenly, the mother's electric car head oscillates laterally, the wheels slip on the ground, and the car is S-shaped. "Dangdang", the electric car fell to the ground, my mother was pressed under the car, I also fell heavily on the ground, sore and cried. The ground is full of plastic and glass shards, the tail is high and the wheels are still turning fast.e sudden situation has attracted many pedestrians to stop and watch. I looked at my mother with tears, and my mother struggled under the electric car in pain. I looked at the pedestrians who stood by with helpless eyes Marlboro Menthol 100S, hoping they could help us. At this time, a young uncle opened the crowd and came to me and helped me up; then quickly lifted the electric car pressed against her mother and slowly lifted her mother to get up. Enthusiastically asked: "Big sister, are you okay with your child? Do you want to dial 120 to see the hospital?" The mother said with gratitude: "Thank you, we are fine, we don't have to go to the hospital." The uncle immediately went to the ground. The bag was picked up, the soil on the package was taken, hung on the electric car, and the electric car was simply inspected and simply refurbished. Then he said to his mother: "The car is basically not bad, but it can still drive normally. However, the ground is full of thin ice, but you must pay attention, the speed must be slower." Mom said: "I really thank you today Marlboro Red 100S, may I ask you? ......" The mother's words have not been finished, the uncle has been riding a bicycle, and the back is quickly disappearing into the crowd. few years later, I can't remember the uncle's appearance, but I can still clearly remember the tall and thin back, and his name - "Lei Feng."nts: The small author portrays the characters delicately, and writes the uncle's helpfulness through the characters' language, movements, and demeanor; "fast support" and "slowly help the mother" form a strong contrast, let us feel the uncle's care The author observes meticulously Carton Of Cigarettes, describes the scene of the car falling, and makes people feel immersive; the article echoes before and after, and truly explains the existence of the contemporary Lei Feng spirit.
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"I am the son of the people. I am ylq 131 18. oktober 2018 kl. 03:46


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