In the spring back to the earth
18. oktober 2018 kl. 03:47
In the spring back to the earth, in March of the recovery of all things, we will always have a great call in our ears - "learn from Comrade Lei Feng"! night, when I was on the bus, I saw something that made me very angry. A middle-aged man, obese, still holding two big bags. I saw that he gave up two or three seats by himself, and gave him the position of an old man next to him. The old man sighed and said: "Young man, can you put the bag down and give me the old guy to order the seat." "Underground dirty." The man said a touch. Suddenly, there was a lot of discussion in the car, and everyone was accusing him. old man, sit here." A loud voice appeared in a small car. When the old man just wanted to sit down, a young man sat down quickly, and there was another argument in the car, but the people in the car only talked about it, and none of them gave up their position like the previous one. really can't stand it anymore. I boldly said, "The old man, I have a seat, sit here." When the old man sat down, he still kept thanking me, my heart was as sweet as eating honey! All the people in the car looked at the two people, and looked down on their character with a look of disappointment!eryone knows the spirit of Lei Feng, but what we really want to do is not to let the old people refuse to let the old people, but also to grab the seat of the "fake Lei Feng", but the new era of live Lei Feng! Yes Marlboro Cigarettes Price, Lei Feng spirit is a noble and admirable spirit! In this big world Cigarettes For Sale, more than one person will be happy, and it will make people more grateful and more love. But as the saying goes, "It is easy to do things when you see things Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. In addition to Lei Feng, how many people can do it?"still remember the south wind days of the past, and there will always be winds and winds rolling over. That night, the wind and the wind smashed the sand and dust on the street, and in a flash, the jeweled shelves of the wind in front of a store collapsed and the jewelry scattered and scattered. I thought that everyone would be enthusiastic to help, but I did not expect the facts to be the opposite! The people in the small shop turned a blind eye to all of them, and they used the number of goods to avoid the sand. The people who passed the road were even more indifferent, and some even made people want to take advantage of the small... The female shop owner was alone. Raised the shelf and bent over to search for the jewelry scattered around the ground. Looking at all of this, I don't know how to feel a little chilly Newport Cigarettes Price, and after a deep sigh, I decided to be helpful.en I went to help, the female shopkeeper noticed me in my busy schedule. She was shocked first, then smiled happily: "Children Carton Of Marlboro Reds, thank you very much! I didn't expect to have a 'living Lei Feng' now!" Looking at the aunt's smile I also smiled happily. But the "unexpected" behind me made me feel awkward, and I couldn't help but have a frustrated emotion.��s words still caused me to ponder: Yes! Social science and technology have progressed, but the virtues of mankind have to regress? Imagine that there are indeed many selfless people who are selfless and helpful, and their enthusiasm makes us deeply touched; but there are more people who are indifferent and selfish. If you do your best to help others, maybe it's just a little effort, the other side gains a love, and adds a joy to your heart. If this can be spread in love, will this society become a big family full of love?
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In the spring back to the earth ylq 124 18. oktober 2018 kl. 03:47


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