"Learning Lei Feng is a good example,
18. oktober 2018 kl. 04:18
"Learning Lei Feng is a good example, loyal to the revolution and loyal to the party. Love is clear and unforgettable, stand firm and strong, and stand firm and strong Cheap Cigarettes." Whenever I hear this familiar melody, I don't know why, there is always an inexplicable touch in my heart. It seems as if Uncle Lei Feng has returned to us. Dear Uncle Lei Feng, today is the anniversary of Chairman Mao��s 50th anniversary of your inscription. We will definitely learn your nails and be more good in the future!ping people is synonymous with Lei Feng: I don't know if you still remember: Once Marlboro Menthol 100S, Lei Feng came back with some medicines because of a stomachache. When he saw a building in a primary school building, he pushed a small car to help transport bricks. When the company that contracted the primary school sent a thank-you letter to the drums, the leaders of the army knew this good thing. This also fully illustrates the low-key spirit that Lei Feng did not promote good things. If this is not a problem, then the following story will definitely touch you, let's take a look. Lei Feng has a salary in the factory and has a savings of 200 yuan when he joins the army. Later, Lei Feng donated 100 yuan to the commune. When the Liaoyang area was hit by floods, Lei Feng sent 100 yuan to the Liaoyang Municipal Committee. Lei Feng was enlisted in the army that had a monthly allowance of 6 yuan, but Lei Feng did not leave a penny for himself, but instead used it for good. Uncle Lei Feng��s help is fun, we have imitated it for generations!is Lei Feng's attitude towards life: Maybe everyone still remembers that on a Sunday, Lei Feng's comrade-in-arms Wang washed all the socks and clothes of the soldiers. When Lei Feng was drying his clothes, he found that his old socks were gone. Lei Feng looked around. . At this time, Lei Feng��s comrade Wang Qiang said: ��Lei Feng, you have so many deposits, so you are reluctant to buy a pair of socks. You see, your socks are not too uncomfortable to wear on your feet?�� Lei Feng said: ��What is this? As long as I don't delay my work, I can do it!" But Wang Dali said: "Would you think that this is particularly ugly?" "We are not wearing the socks for others Newport Cigarettes Website." Lei Feng said. Socks are so cherished Cigarettes For Sale, we are far behind. Is the following story more in your heart? On the day of the Shenyang Military Engineering Games, the weather was hot. Lei Feng finished the prescribed project, sweating and thirsty. He wanted to buy a bottle of soda. When he saw the water station sent boiling water, he collected the money again. A comrade asked him, Lei Feng, why didn't you buy it? "Drinking a little water is not the same as quenching thirst!" Lei Feng said with a smile. "Lei Feng, you are so alone to do so much money?" asked the comrades. "How can I say that I am alone? There are more than 600 million people in our family. In order to change the face of a poor and white, Chairman Mao called us to work hard, and we are still not doing enough!" Uncle Lei Feng said. However, Uncle Lei Feng��s comrades-in-arms said: "Our country is so big, even if there are more difficulties, you can't miss your money!" Uncle Lei Feng said with a strong heart: "There is less accumulation, comrades! You calculate, if Everyone saves a dime a day, how much does it save in the country? We are the masters of the country, isn��t it the account?�� Dear Uncle Lei Feng Marlboro Gold Pack, your thrift is diligent, we will inherit it forever! the sun sets, Caixia is red with half of the sky; the passing years can't forget your face! Dear Uncle Lei Feng, how many men, women and children have been affected by you! Uncle Lei Feng, do you know that your death has caused many Chinese children's thoughts. Here, I just want to say on my own behalf: Uncle Lei Feng, we miss you. ��
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