Every day, when the
29. november 2018 kl. 08:13
Every day, when the rooster screams, there will always be a hardworking figure that is cleaning the community garden and the corridor in obscurity. This figure is the simple guard Liu Ayi Cheap Marlboro Free Shipping. the morning, I was full of books, full of energy, looked up and went to the yard and went to school. The sky is dyed blue by blue ink with cotton-like white clouds. The flowers on the flower stand are colorful, with a drop of crystal dew, sleeping quietly on the petals of the fragrance Newport Cigarettes For Sale, taking a breath, wow, really fresh! "Hey, how is there a smell of dust in the air." I don't cough up autonomously. There was a "sand" sound coming from behind me Cigarette Kinds. What sound? I scratched my head, frowning, and looked back. It turned out to be the responsible guardian Aunt Liu! I walked over and kindly screamed: "Aunt Liu." "Well." Aunt Liu smiled and promised. I saw her wearing a red coat, a gray sweatpants, and a high ponytail Newport Short, very spirited. I remember that one time, a thief came to our community. Aunt Liu found out that he was not moving. The thief was trying to open the door. However, he did not succeed several times. Aunt Liu secretly took out his mobile phone and reported the police. She took the iron box and crept to the back of the thief. She hit the thief's head with lightning speed, and the thief rolled his eyes and fainted to the ground. At this time, the police also came and brought the thief to justice. This move caused a sensation in the whole community. Everyone thought that Liu Ayi was a competent guard. I remember it in my head. "What are you thinking about?" Aunt Liu asked in a gentle voice. "Nothing, nothing." I replied loudly. I looked at Liu Ayi intently. I saw her right hand clenching the broom, holding her hand in her left hand, swinging her right hand, putting a pile of garbage together, carefully sweeping the garbage into the cockroach, and scanning it again with fire eyes, for fear of missing. A grain of dust. I am very puzzled Cheap Wholesale Cigarettes. Yin and Yang asked Liu Aunt slyly: "Why do you want to sweep the floor, can this be done to the cleansing staff in the community?" Liu Ayi smiled, smiled so plainly, so hearty, she answered easily: "Being a A doorman not only protects everyone's safety, but also keeps our living environment clean and hygienic. In my heart, a small guard can be in danger at a critical moment, regardless of his own safety, protect the safety of the community, and do his best. Serving the community, this is the noble in the ordinary!!
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Every day, when the ylq 107 29. november 2018 kl. 08:13


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