Tolerance, how ordinary
29. november 2018 kl. 08:14
Tolerance, how ordinary and simple these two words are Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes, it is a kind of open-mindedness Newport 100 Cigarettes, an understanding, a kind of respect, and a symbol of great wisdom. Tolerance is a kind of openness, can be selfless, fearless, unrestrained, dust-free . remember to study Chinese at a time. The teacher asked us to practice the pen word. I wrote it carefully and seriously. Suddenly, the person sitting in front of me turned over and hit me with a heavy arm. The pen made a long stroke on the paper, and the ink splashed on the white paper. The white paper immediately became stained with white paper. The oblique one on the ground pierced my eyes deeply. I suddenly became furious, and slammed the ink-printed paper into his desk and shouted: "What are you doing!" Look at the classmates at the same table and look at the teacher. Whispered: "I'm sorry Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online, I didn't mean it." "Sorry, sorry, is it finished? Sorry, can you write a pen for me?" My screams caught the attention of the students and caught the attention of the teacher. . After the self-study Marlboro Wholesale, the teacher called us to the office and asked, "What happened to you, affecting everyone's self-study?" The teacher's voice did not fall, I said first: "He dirty my pen-written words." The almost inaudible voice said: "Teacher, I... I didn't mean it, or... I won't pay tomorrow." "You lose, how do you pay, can you lose my time?" I have to reason Not forgiving. At this time, the teacher spoke: "Yang Jie, people accidentally touched you and apologized to you." "Apologize can't make up for my loss!" I muttered. "If the pen is dirty Cartons Of Newports, it can be rewritten. What should I do if the friendship at the same table is broken?sn't there a small poem like that? ��The sky is tolerant of the clouds and has the color of the clouds; the land is tolerant of the seeds to have a bumper harvest; the sea is tolerant of the creek to have a vast expanse; life is tolerant and regretted to have success. The greatest virtue of life is not tolerance, but tolerance. When you learn tolerance, it will become the most beautiful and pure angel in the world. "After listening to the teacher's words, I suddenly realized that I couldn't help but laugh at the unreasonable troubles of Lianpo. Can I not be tolerant with a small mistake at the table?nce then, we have become good friends, and the bumps between them have also turned into ashes.
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