pain has become a
06. juli 2019 kl. 02:20
I quietly looked at the drizzle outside the window, the cup of boiling water in front of me and the surrounding atmosphere had been condensed together, and the strong willfulness of many times became so insignificant in the face of time, and then I ended up silently. When the eyes are blinded, the mind is covered by dust, and the ears can't listen to the beautiful sounds, then the world is so beautiful, can you taste the hundred thousand turns in one by one? In fact, we have long been forgotten, forgetting the days of the breezy, plaid shirts, canvas shoes, the shy, red-faced autumn sunset. Time can be very fast or slow, just in such a fast-food society, look for a quiet corner, call loneliness and loneliness, make a mood, turn a person's day into a song Carton Of Cigarettes, and put your heart inside. The world is written as a moving text, I think it will be happy, no one can stop wanting to become more and more quiet, more and more calm heart, please don't be often sad, people who leave you in life become you Passing a life, he takes a mission, takes you to a place you have never seen before, and takes you to appreciate the different scenery of life Marlboro Gold, but don��t force him to stay in your world with you, because he does not Belong to here, remember to slowly put it down and gently say to myself that I want to be good, so that I can be gentle as your own. I often insist on happiness coming soon. I am not impatient. I still enjoy this unique mood, but I am still moving forward without regretting it. I will not admire the meteor shower in the years I have spent in the future. Aesthetics, because on most nights, as long as I am willing to look up, every star in the starry sky has given me enough romance, they flash in my eyes, smime flies back and forth, taking away my only thoughts; parting always comes in casually. It is reasonable and unexpected; it is still expected, reasonable. Oh! With whom? Cut constantly, it is still chaotic; who is clear? When was it, the blue silk was full of heart, but the scenery was just indistinguishable; it was lost in the city full of ecstasy lights. A little sad, a bit lonely, a bit cold, a bit suffocating; a person walking, finally began to chase that point faintly bright; it is always there, but I am still far away from it. Watching silently, looking at it silently, meditating silently; suddenly, I know it. When you really give up all Newport Cigarettes Coupons, the world also chooses to give up why you live, why do I live? Life is wonderful, live, only bloom for life, but why is it still in this confusion? What else is there? What am I missing? Perhaps, the flow of the year has been overwhelmed with the pain and the dust and dust have blocked the lighthouse that has stood up in this forward. Lost in this loneliness and sorrow, even forgetting the scenery that has passed by the roadside Online Cigarettes. Why is this so? In the past, the past is the past, only the remaining memories and warmth that are unwilling to release. Maybe it is a dream, but after all, is it waking up? The road is still far away. There is always someone who needs to bear the things that I don��t know Cheap Cigarettes. I don��t know what the so-called things are going on. Maybe, one day, I will always find what I have lost. The end of the year is over, the status quo that should not be sustained, only because of the weakness and incompetence of the parties! When the twisted pain has become a cage that binds your heart, indulging in self-sufficiency; what can people who are self-satisfied get what they can do? How crazy is it! Is it right and wrong with who said that I am myself, how to get lost, what I want to live, to be happy. It��s also a thousand thoughts an
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