No time alone with a female reporter
12. juli 2019 kl. 08:38
Epstein had decorated the room with trinkets, Online Cigarettes Store USA suggestive pictures, and an abundance of sex toys, according to the allegations.

In order to guarantee a continuous inflow, Epstein allegedly had an army of recruiters often not much older than their targets, whom they would smoothly approach, presenting the former math teacher as a kind of benefactor.

"He's helped me," one such recruiter told Jennifer Araoz, Newport Pleasure who was 14 years old at the time, outside her Upper East Side school, near Epstein's home.

"She was similar to me," Araoz, now 32, explained during an interview with NBC on Tuesday.

The recruiter promised Araoz that Epstein could help her start a career in the entertainment industry.

Epstein favored "economically disadvantaged minor girls" who were lured into an "ever-expanding web of new victims," according to US Attorney Geoffrey Berman.Once recruited, the girls were entered into Epstein's "little black book," an address book that, over time, came to contain more than 100 names, the Miami Herald reported.

The girls were spread throughout areas where Epstein had residences, including Paris, according to the now-inactive news site Gawker, which published parts of the book in 2015.

According to multiple accounts, housekeepers, Newport box 100s menthol cigarettes secretary and the recruiters meticulously managed the grim agenda, with appointments, modes of transport -- sometimes by private jet -- instructions and payment, usually $200-300 per visit.

The most loyal girls would also receive gifts.

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