front yard is 'an attack on our religion'
12. juli 2019 kl. 09:40
Yeah. So that's me and Willow. It's like we're not really Online Cigarettes Store USA a band, but we kind of are. It's Jaden and Willow, we have to have the uniform names.
Few things. First off, all of the ERYS music videos that are slowly going to start to trickle out, or if you've seen ERYS Land on Instagram, all of that was shot in downtown LA. So every day on set, I would see homeless people around, just walking around wondering what we were doing. I really wanted to make really epic videos. So we would find places that were full of all this trash and find a place that homeless people used to live and that are not staying there right now. We would lay down in this place and shoot the videos there in all of this trash to push the energy of this album. Being Newport Pleasure there and seeing the conditions that these people are living in and what it's like, it made me be like, "You know what? When you're exposed to something and you see it and you can't turn a blind eye to it, then you try to do something about it." I was like, I want to give out free food to the entire community.

Now, the reason that the food was vegan is because there's a thing in America and all over the world called food deserts, and it's an area where there's a five mile radius of no good food. I made it vegan and organic so that we could go into the middle of a food desert and not make it a food desert for a few hours so that we could address food deserts in America and globally. The food was vegan because I also want people to be exposed to vegan and vegetarian food, because it's better Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Website for them. I want these people to be healthy and I want them to have a long lasting life. And if I'm over here sitting with my parents eating vegan food… I mean, that's where it all came from: the chef that did the I Love You restaurant, that cooked all that, and organized it, is the family chef. I wanted homeless people to eat the same thing that I eat at a table with my mom, my dad, and my sister.

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