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The actual outdoor smoking area within wangfujing pedestrian street had been questioned
The smoking region, outside the east square from the wangfujing department store, has a coffee-colored enclosure with 'yanker' created on it. It has stainless-steel line ashtrays, chairs and benches, and is decorated with trees. According to the investigation, the trader of the outdoor smoking location project is the "smoker" -- Beijing zhongdu ecological technologies co., LTD. According to the organization online publicity: put forward the idea of "sharing the smoking room",the focus of the plan within the domestic big city transport hub construction 2000 discuss the smoking room, countrywide main cities found this on the wangfujing walking road after shearing section. in large-scale "beginning a smoking", the Beijing association associated with tobacco control immediately designed a field survey,Newport 100s Cigarettes and put ahead the question. "This cigarette smoking area is probably by far the biggest and most luxurious in the town. It is set up in Marlboro Gold front in the wangfujing department store, Cheap Newport 100s Online standing in a set enclosure at the main lobby that pedestrians have to go through in densely populated places.

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