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The bluestone slab, with many people's dreams, an autumn rain, fell to the ground, the traveler hurriedly hurry, walked through the four seasons, visited people. Last night, the sky shattered the outline of the distant mountains, remembering what we said a long time ago. It was the early autumn rain Carton Of Cigarettes, on the shore of the lake. Days, can't see the side, blue and blue Newport Cigarettes, a few clouds floating in the sky, clean. The sun shines on us, warm and comfortable. We sat side by side, each holding a book and enjoying this infinite beauty. "Sister, do you say that the clouds in this sky will float away?" "Probably the cloud looks a little naughty in the arms of the wind." "Look at you, the cloud over there!" "I think Like a little rabbit, what do you say?" "No, how can the cloud be like a rabbit? The cloud is like a cloud. She is the most like a cloud." I heard the words of my sister, thought about it, yes, the clouds are like clouds. ,is not it? If the cloud is not like a cloud, what else can it be like? I can't help but think of Ding Limei's sentence: life has thrown so many bends, restored to the original real appearance, you are you, I am me. The cloud is the cloud. "Xisi, my sister read a little poem for you to listen to!" "Okay." "How I wish, there is a doorway, in the morning, the sun shines on the grass and holds the door leaf. The door is low, but the sun It is bright. The grass is planting its seeds, the wind is shaking its leaves, we stand and don't talk. It is very beautiful. "I read aloud Gu Cheng's "Before". "Sister Marlboro Gold, what does this poem mean?" "The meaning is that we are together, sitting alone, not talking, not looking at each other, just sitting, you can feel that the world is beautiful and beautiful." Looking at the fluttering white clouds in the sky, thinking, has Baiyun heard my remarks? She smiled at you and smiled at my sunshine, very soft and soft; the wind was very light and quiet. The small bamboos in front of the window also gently floated in the wind, shaking the small head from time to time, like a child who was not sleepy. I just woke up this morning and opened the curtains. After a rain, the bamboo sucked the moist nectar and gave birth to a lot of fat dolls. They explored the small head of the yellow flower and showed their vitality to the earth. I stood on the fourth floor and looked down at the little bamboos vying for the dew. At eight or nine o'clock, several children up and down the building went downstairs to play on time. Some of them are playing hide and seek, some are looking at the little book with relish, and some are playing the lattice. Looking at this scene, I was thinking: When I was young, I was playing with my good "pot" friends in such a carefree way. It was just that in a blink of an eye, we were all so big, and there was no time to play happily like a child. . After noon, the Sun Gonggong unrelentingly exposed its nature, the hot sun shone into my sight, thinking: so big the sun can cook people! The little bamboo downstairs has just been "born" and suffered this poisonous hand. It is miserable, miserable and miserable. These little bamboos are hard and hard to stand with their perseverance. It��s really ��to make sure that the green hills don��t relax, and the roots are in the cliffs. The millennium is still strong, and the wind is southeast and northwest.�� Ah! I praised you for the sunset, a touch of the sun shining on the little bamboo, he exudes a unique charm, perhaps the day's tempering makes him so amazing, maybe it is the light that leads him to Bright. It is this perseverance that makes Xiaozhu grow day by day.
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