y grandmother ��s fried
29. november 2019 kl. 02:32
The breeze blew across the balcony, and the scent of flowers and the sound of the wind chimes collided with the passing of the wind. I sniffed the cold atmosphere that permeated the air. Somehow I missed my childhood days ... "There was a brisk sweeping sound of grandmother in the corridor, and I always woke up at this time. I sat up slowly from the bed, wearing a baby pink pajamas, grabbing the cloth rabbit that my grandfather made for me, rubbing my fluffy eyes while looking for my grandmother. In the impression, my grandmother always looked at me with a smile, put down my broom, and took my hand to the kitchen for breakfast. In the afternoon, as usual, I have to take a nap. I always secretly get up from the bed after my grandmother is asleep, and follow my grandfather to his small garden, where there are always red, pink and white flowers, and many of me Never seen flowers. My grandfather is going to weed the flowers. I always want to help, but I always remove the precious plants that have not grown flowers as weeds. I leave all the grasses with lilac flowers. The grandfather is just aside. Looking at me with a smile, it seems that all we have removed is weeds, and all the precious plants are left behind. Sometimes, my grandfather was afraid that the soil would stain my clothes, so he wouldn't let the grass scribble, and I would pick some big and fragrant flowers, which were filled with his grandfather's wide-brimmed straw hats. I watched my grandfather laugh Cheap Cigarettes, and my grandmother laughed too, and my grandfather himself was out of breath. The days are short and the happy hours are short. After entering fifth grade, my parents focused on their studies and never let me go back to my grandfather. Sometimes, I also ask myself, which is more important than school and family? For me, family is more important. But parents always say that school is more important. Besides, I am now in the third grade and the middle school entrance exam is near. I still vaguely remember that it is almost three years from the sixth grade to the beginning of the year. Every time I go home from school, the parents always ask the same constant questions: today Did you take the exam? What subjects are you taking? How was the exam? What rank is in the class? If they can pass the exam Wholesale Cigarettes, they will laugh. If they fail the exam, they will not be so lucky. And my grandfather and grandmother rarely ask me about my grades. No matter how well the test is done, I will tell them that they will be rewarded if they do well, and they will encourage me if they do well. My parents do n��t cook much. When I eat at home, I always miss my grandmother ��s fried eggs, my grandmother ��s scallion noodles, and my grandmother ��s fruit platter. These things that made me tired, but I missed it. I went back last year. Grandfather and grandmother's house, but the two old men went to the little aunt's house in Shanghai. Weeds are growing in my grandfather ��s little garden Marlboro Cigarettes. The cloth rabbits that my grandfather made for me have been covered with a thick layer of dust. The smell of my mouth is long gone in the kitchen. Jingle
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