we should learn most is
27. december 2019 kl. 07:40
Today, I was fortunate enough to read the text of "Zhan Tianyou", which made me unable to be calm for a long time. I was patriotic with Zhan Tianyou's meticulous, highly responsible spirit, rigorous scientific attitude, and smart, The spirit of learning and applying was deeply moved. This article mainly writes that China ��s outstanding patriotic engineer Zhan Tianyou accepted the important task of constructing the Beijing-Zhangzhou Railway. He did not fear difficulties and ridicule, surveyed in the harsh natural environment, and carried out thorough calculations. According to the mountain situation, he tried every means to shorten the construction period, and designed a "herringbone" line that is easy to go up the mountain. The construction of the Beijing-Zhangzhou Railway was completed two years ahead of schedule under the leadership of Zhan Tianyou, giving the imperialists a powerful counterattack. After reading this article, I met another outstanding patriot. I deeply feel Zhan Tianyou's strong patriotic feelings. He always cares for the people and the motherland. When encountering difficulties Marlboro Red, he always thought: I must not lose the face of the motherland, and I cannot let Chinese engineers lose confidence. For the motherland and the people, I must fix it. This became a powerful motive for Zhan Tianyou to build the Beijing-Zhangzhou Railway. At the same time, I was also moved by Zhan Tianyou's highly responsible spirit and rigorous scientific attitude Wholesale Cigarettes. When conducting surveys and calculations, Zhan Tianyou often has to be precise and not sloppy. Zhan Tianyou not only leads by example, but also often encourages his staff. This meticulous spirit is the most important point for the successful construction of the Beijing-Zhangzhou Railway. In addition, Zhan Tianyou's outstanding talent, superhuman wisdom, and strong perseverance are also indispensable. When constructing the Juyongguan tunnel, Zhan Tianyou found that Juyongguan had high mountains and thick rock formations, so he decided to go in from the two ends to the middle at the same time. So it was decided to use the central chiseling method. However, the most ingenious is the "herringbone" line designed by Zhan Tianyou himself. Following the mountain, he used this line to slow down the slope and make it easier for the train to go up the mountain. Zhan Tianyou relied on his own observation ability and learned knowledge, and flexibly used according to different situations, overcoming various difficulties in the construction process and shortening the construction period by more than half. We should set Zhan Tianyou as an example of our own learning and learn all the valuable qualities in him. In learning and life, what we should learn most is Zhan Tianyou's meticulous and highly responsible spirit. If you do not understand the problem mokingusacigarettes.com, you should try your best to avoid it. This is responsible for your own learning. I used to do things myself in a hurry to cope with it in a hurry. I felt like I had done it. Regardless of the quality, this is wrong. I must be down-to-earth, serious and rigorous when doing anything. If it is convenient, then the consequences will be unimaginable. This article has benefited me a lot!
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