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Youth is a period of contradiction in life. It is like the days of early spring, with some winter coldness, and the warmth of spring. The adolescent child is also sensitive and somewhat dull. The ordinary and sincere love from his parents often cannot ring his closed heart. When he finally opens the window of his heart to communicate with his parents, the warm rays of sunlight will make him Emotional dyke. This is the case with Zhao Ziniu. In his teens, he had a sensitive and stubborn heart. He would look for his mother in the sky in the starry night, and he would bite like a little tiger with his father who was just out of prison until he lost both Cheap Cigarettes. They didn't dislike each other, but for ten years, the high wall had separated them too far and too far. They were stubborn and tough, unwilling to show their soft side. Dad brought down jackets and bought aeromodels and uniforms for Zhao Ziniu. He hoped his son would forgive him, but that touch would only disappear in the maintenance of Zhao Ziniu's face. Zhao Ziniu also made money and was touched by his father, but that couldn't calm the smoke of the father and son. Later, Zhao Ziniu finally opened his window slowly. He eliminated his prejudice against his father and saw the sunny fatherly love outside the window. Finally, he began to blend with his father in the sun. In the end, although the father could no longer stand, the son had become his strongest dependency. Aunt Xu Ling said at the beginning of the book: God sent the children two guardians, one is an angel named "MAMA" and the other is a hero named "BABA". It's a pity that we are still a little "slow" when we are young, and we can't appreciate the stings from our parents. The rebellion of adolescence makes us farther and farther from our parents' hearts. At this time, let's open the window and take a closer look at the two people named "BABA" and "MAMA", look at the wrinkles on their faces, the silver wires on their heads Online Cigarettes, and see what they think of them as "soil "," Ugly "clothes! At that time, you may feel more emotion and warmth. In our house, my father is a teacher, and my mother cooks and does laundry for us at home. Because my family is not rich, my dad will still spend money to buy a book for me, and it will satisfy my desire for something. Although my mother ca n��t help me a lot in learning, but She wiped my tears when I was sad, and pinched my shoulders when I was insomnia ... I also complained that my parents could n��t provide me with a better life, like Zhao Ziniu, but also because of some minor problems with my parents Quarrels, such as when the mother's meals are not appetizing, and when my father likes to eat. But when I grew up slowly, when I opened the window of my heart to communicate with my parents, I discovered the deep and sincere love that is contained in those life chores. Only such parents can give someone to say: Youth is a Grand meet. Well, let us first ��meet�� the two who are always guarding us during this conflicting period of youth. Open the window of your heart and let the warm sunlight shine in. At this time, you must remember the names of the two warmest rays of sunlight, one is called "BABA" and the other is "MAMA" Carton Of Cigarettes.
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