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People in China call cigarettes in different ways from north to to the south. People in Shanghai phone them cigarettes, while folks in tianjin call these cigarettes
Volume. The first smoking cigarettes to enter China were 15 hard carded pinhai cigs produced by American tobacco firm. Old "tianjin geographical buying and selling miscellaneous words"
Said: "sell cigarettes, suck the sea; Brain the ball airship many knife card. " This suggests that "pinhai" was more popular by the society at that time. International cigarettes enter China,
Provides met with a lot of judgments. "Jinmen miscellaneous records" provides recorded a predecessors on the name of the poem "cigarette": "more than an in . of Cheap Carton Of Newport 100s paper wrapped tobacco, refers to the clip xin Wholesale Newport Cigarettes Online tastes fresh, if almost lose mouth, burning lips also pull. " Satirize smoking cigarettes behavior with wry fictional style. Still, foreign smoke imports have not been deterred. In 1891, an American product owner, Lao jin Newport 100s Cigarettes long, exposed his first small-scale cig factory in tianjin. Afterwards, Japanese and Greek vendors also opened cigarette industries in tianjin. Still, smokes were a scarce item.
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