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14. januar 2020 kl. 08:06
August is sweltering and there is no heavy cloud. It still weighs you like a persimmon, flowing water under a long bridge, a bright red persimmon, and youthful folds. Maybe it is the big brick that can be exchanged for the expectation of a flatbread fritters. Similar to childhood, rushing the white goose, turning under the stairs, is definitely an urban version of the pigsty downstairs. There are thousands of mountains and rivers, and fifty annual rings. Elementary, junior high school --- the original intention of September. In the ever-changing world, men and women become women and men, shemales become monsters, red lights turn into green wine, and roads remain unsecured under surveillance probes. It is the same in the ever-changing world. You can only change one pair of pancake dough sticks when you move a large brick. After the sweltering August, I look forward to the blue sky in September. From desolate to prosperous, although most of the stories turned into accidents, you still follow the inertia of thinking for thousands of years, and change half of the bread dough fritters, saving half of a pencil. You draw a rainbow with a pencil and cross the mountain. You harvested the red moon in Hukou with a sickle, and you returned from a dark river in the sun to your sunless residence. The rotten straw that fell from the eaves almost pressed you into a persimmon. As soon as you wake up, there is a hint of medicine in the classroom. Starting from the nerve, returning to the nerve. A pencil tip writes that there is no pencil tip. The half-flat cake is divided into two. You have learned another interpretation in the country of economy. You listen to the wind in the temple of philosophy. The individual's physical body is just a piece of clothing. The process of expecting gain and loss is different, but the same result has no result. Only the sense of will exists, and therefore the leap of feeling. You walk the mountain intestine trail on Nanjing East Road, you walk alone on the rainbow in the crowded perfume, cross the Huangpu River, and board at Tianfu. You finally let go of August's sweltering heat, crushing the steam of dreams into a big brick, under your feet. You finally passed August and realized the original intention of September Marlboro Lights. You can continue to be dazed in the sea of ??books. Looking at the time in a neat column, the steps are the same, the rhythm is the same, the direction is the same, from the future to the past. You draw a big brick with a pencil head without a head, and you exchange three flat cake fritters. Throttling and open source, at a geometric level. The original intentions of September were autumn Cheap Cigarettes. You stand in front of the graduate school steps, the ginkgo tree towering into you is lonely and independent Newport 100S. You pat Ginkgo a little smooth folds. The leaves made a loud noise. You see the same combination of two sides of Ginkgo. A leaf flew an arc, staying in your palm, dark green to golden rafting. You clamped the leaves in the imaginary handwriting. A large brick grows in the large brick. A group of white geese turn around the pigsty. At the foot of the white geese, the stream flows clear. The sun is so good, another original intention in September.
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