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When the seven-year-old girl went to the river, the rainy season was over, and the sun that had not been seen for many days, like a clear stream of water, burst into the sky. The sky that has been drooping and gloomy suddenly rises up, becoming high and bright. Grass is moist, flowers are moist, windmills are moist, houses are moist Carton Of Cigarettes, cows are moist, birds are moist ... everything in the world is moist. The sunflower passed through the humid air, and after a while, it was wet from head to toe. Her hair was not thick at first. When she was wet, she thinly adhered to her scalp, making her look thinner, but the little pale face was more angry because of the wetness. All the way to the grass, leaves are hanging with drops of water. Her pants soon got wet. The road was very muddy. After her shoes were stuck several times, she simply took off, grabbed one with one hand, and walked in the cold muddy mud with bare feet. Passing under a maple tree, a light breeze was blowing, and many drops of water were falling, and several fell into her neck. When she was agitated, she could not help shrinking her neck, then raised her face to the branches and leaves on her head Looking at it, I saw the leaves, all of which were spotlessly washed by rain for days, and bright and bright, which made people like it very much. Run by the river. She runs to the big river almost every day because there is a village on the other side of the river. That village has a nice name: barley field. On this side of the river, sunflower is a child. Sunflowers are lonely, the kind of loneliness in which one bird has thousands of miles of sky without seeing any other bird. The bird was flying in the open sky, and only heard the lonely sound of its wings as it passed through the air. Vast and boundless. Clouds of all shapes float around it. Sometimes the sky is so smooth and smooth that there are no traces, like giant bluestone slabs. When it's lonely, it occasionally tweets, but this tweet makes the sky more open and its heart more lonely. On this side of the river, there was once an endless reed, but now it is also an endless reed. In the spring of that year, a group of egrets were shocked, hula laared from the reeds that had been quiet for countless centuries, and then circled over the reeds, hovering directly above the barley field, quaking, as if telling the barley people what. They didn't fall from where they flew anymore, because there were people��many people, many strangers, and they looked one by one clearly different from the Damai people. They are from the city. They are going to build a house here, open up wasteland Cigarettes Online, dig a pond and raise fish. They sang songs, sang the songs of the people in the city, and sang in the city. The singing was so loud that the barleys raised their ears one by one to listen. A few months passed, seven or eight rows of blue-brick and red-tpeople, and they seem to have no connection. Like another species of bird flock, I don't know where they came from. They look at the barley field people with strange and curious eyes, and the barley field people also look at them with strange and curious eyes. They have their own scope of activities, their own words, their own work, and their own set of what they do. Work during the day and meet at night. It's late at night, and the people in Damai can still see that the lights are still on. There is darkness all around, these lights are little bit like mysterious fishing fires on the river and sea Newport Cigarettes Coupons. This is a relatively independent world. Soon, people in Damai field called it: May 7 School. At that time, there were several cadres in this area of ??Ludang with a radius of three hundred miles. Those people are from some big cities. Some big cities are even far away. Not all cadres, but also writers and artists. They are mainly working in the minds of the Damai people, and the people in the cadre school are some who understand magic. The cadre school made the children in Damai feel curious because it had a little girl.
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