Which shoots a ray during a line and damages in MU
05. december 2017 kl. 06:22
Which shoots a ray during a line and damages all passing places, isalso a charging talent, thus it is maintained as long as mana is gift, and harm is bit by bit exaggerated in 3 stages. The 'Death's Dance' may be a talent that goes well with the weapon because it sweeps the weapon round the enemy. Unusually, you'll come to buy mu legend zen original position by replaying among a pair of seconds of victimisation the "Hand of Death".

'Relentless Hand' pushes the target forward, and War Mage herself may be a backward movement talent. additionally to the reduced movement speed, it additionally causes AN explosion once three seconds, inflicting further harm. and therefore the 'magical power of the sprint', that emits the Chunma, is seen to possess a variety harm and a bondage impact at the purpose wherever the Chunma stopped.

In addition, a 'propulsion explosion' during which AN mu legend zen explosion happens instantly within the forward direction incorporates a characteristic that creates the caster skulking, and 'Shield of evil spirits' helpful for survival of a individual will absorb harm by two hundredth of most life. At now, if the protect is destroyed, the scrap can cause a large vary of injury to near enemies.

War Mage's experience consists of six chapters: 'Confusion', 'Blow', 'Destruction', 'Invincibility', 'Pain', and 'Destruction' . 'Confusion' incorporates a charging talent 'evil spirits' to summon passive and evil spirits to cut back the enemy's defenses among 20m cheap mu zen to confuse near enemies and cause continuous harm.BY [www.playerhot.com] here now... more cheap mu legend zen from us... so come to playerhot for more game zen!
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