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The city of Chicago represents the largest city located in the state of Illinois , but also the third largest city in the US. This city is renowned for its beautiful architecture and has a history marked by important events, not all of them so happy.

If you are searching for Chicago on a map, you should search between the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes because that is where you will find it. Due to its location, it has rapidly grown into a major transportation hub, but it also represents the cultural, financial and business capital of the Midwest.

The first skyscraper ever to be built emerged in 1885 in the northeast corner of Adams and LaSalle streets. Erected on a steel skeleton, it had ten levels, a basement and nine stories, but in 1890 two additional stories increased the building?s height. In 1931, this building was demolished in order to make room for the Field building, currently known under the name LaSalle bank building.

Enough about history! Today?s Chicago is home to other more impressive buildings and structures, some related to different areas of interest. Since everyone likes sports, why not say a few words about the structures related to popular interests?

Americans enjoy lots of sports. Some enjoy football , others baseball, some basketball and so on. Purchasing Chicago Cubs tickets will allow you to visit one of the greatest baseball fields ever to be built and the home of the current champions of the Major League of Baseball.

The destination of the Chicago Cubs tickets is Wrigley Field. It was first built in 1914 and has been the home for the Cubs since 1916. The surrounding establishments, consisting of bars, restaurants and others like that, are commonly referred to as Wrigleyville.

The original version of Wrigley Field could house 14 thousand spectators. However, since 2006, the baseball fans which purchase Chicago Cubs tickets enter an improved stadium that has a capacity of over 40 thousand people, 41118 to be more exact.

While we are on the subject of sports, baseball is not the only one with performance throughout the US. Football is also a sport that doesn?t lack good representation in this city. If you purchase Chicago Bears tickets, you will have the chance to view the 2006 NFC Champions in action.

The club was founded in 1919, in Decatur, Illinois, but moved to Chicago in 1921. During the 1970 season , if you purchased Chicago Bears tickets, you would have gone to Wrigley field to watch the games. Since 1971, except for the 2002 season, Soldier Field has been the home for this team.

The original design of the stadium could house about 100 thousand people, but the numbers got smaller. Renovations were made in order to get the spectators closer to the field at the expense of seat numbers. Nowadays, there are 61500 Chicago Bears tickets available for a game.

Going to the stadiums to purchase Chicago Bears and Chicago Cubs tickets is still practiced today, but there is a more comfortable solution. Going online to ticketamerica will give you access to Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears tickets at unbelievable prices.

A useful device that may not be used often but is convenient to have is the Scotch Thermal Laminator TL901. The TL901 provides pro quality laminating and its compact design works well in the home, business or classroom. Any document that should be protected can be saved by this user-friendly laminator. The laminator can be used to save frequently handled papers, artwork, teaching aids and virtually anything else you can think of.

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For home use, you can laminate your child’s artwork, preserve pictures or make fancy greeting cards. Additionally, the laminator can laminate particular cloths. You can use the Scotch Thermal Laminator TL901 for other things besides stuff in the house. The laminator can be used to preserve your season passes or your sportfishing and hunting license. As a coach, you can use the Scotch Thermal Laminator TL901 for your play sheets , play books, and lineup cards. Moreover, the Scotch Thermal Laminator TL901 is excellent for laminating your car title and registration.

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