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WASHINGTON Isaiah Canaan Jersey , Jan. 30 (Xinhua) -- Following are the National Basketball Association standings after Saturday's games:

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Div. W L Pct. GB

Toronto 32 15 .681 -

Boston 27 21 .563 5.5

New York 23 26 .469 10.0

Brooklyn 12 36 .250 20.5

Philadelphia 7 41 .146 25.5

Central Div. W L Pct. GB

Cleveland 34 12 .739 -

Chicago 26 19 .578 7.5

Indiana 25 22 .532 9.5

Detroit 25 23 .521 10.0

Milwaukee 20 29 .408 15.5

Southeast Div. W L Pct. GB

Atlanta 27 21 .563 -

Miami 26 21 .553 0.5

Charlotte 22 25 .468 4.5

Washington 21 24 .467 4.5

Orlando 20 25 .444 5.5

Western Conference

Northwest Div. W L Pct. GB

Oklahoma City 36 13 .735 -

Portland 22 26 .458 13.5

Utah 21 25 .457 13.5

Denver 18 30 .375 17.5

Minnesota 14 34 .292 21.5

Southwest Div. W L Pct. GB

San Antonio 39 8 .830 -

Memphis 28 20 .583 11.5

Dallas 27 22 .551 13.0

Houston 25 25 .500 15.5

New Orleans 18 28 .391 20.5

Pacific Div. W L Pct. GB

Golden State 43 4 .915 -

LA Clippers 31 16 .660 12.0

Sacramento 20 27 .426 23.0

Phoenix 14 34 .292 29.5

LA Lakers 9 40 .184 35.0

" You can gain a competitive edge over your opponents by learning to jump higher, whatever your sport may be. This article will cover ways in which you can increase your vertical leap. Irrespective of whether you play a sport such as football, baseball, or even soccer Hollis Thompson Jersey , having a higher vertical leap will help you make more big plays more often. A key point to remember is that anyone, irrespective of race, gender or age, can increase vertical jump. Everyone responds to a training program if carried out properly.

Look Henry Sims Jersey , the key foundation on which to base your whole jump training system is to work hard on improving your muscles' explosive power output. Usually this is not a problem for most athletes, but you must be willing to lift heavy weights in order to develop that true explosive power that all high jumping athletes possess. There is no more effective exercise than the squat when it comes to building explosive power in your leg muscles, back muscles, abdominals Gerald Henderson Jersey , and even upper body. You can use supplementary movements that isolate your thigh muscles to put on a finishing touch after doing the squats. But don't forget to hit those hamstrings as well, or be ready for injury.

Strengthen your ab muscles. Your abdominals are the "breadbasket" of your entire musculature, and six pack will help you in power movements, including jump higher. Working out your bicep Darryl Dawkins Jersey , tricep, and shoulder muscles also plays a role in assisting you to leap higher into the air. It's all about velocity, and a good arm swing will give you just a little extra push. In addition to working out, maximize your flexibility if you wish to make the most of your vertical jump. It's a little known fact that having increased flexibility in your muscles and joints offers you added power whilst jumping.

Too many athletes overtrain when conducting jump training Dana Barros Jersey , erroneously thinking that if working out once a week is good, 7 days a week must be ever better. This is a serious mistake, because what's actually more important than the workouts themselves is the rest period in-between. Vertical jump training moreover taxes your central nervous system, which also calls for a plenty of recuperation period subsequent to each physical exertion. The primary point is that you do must not exercise too constantly while developing your vertical jump. Shoot for a target of two to three times per week.

If you want to know a few proven exercises to raise your hops Clarence Weatherspoon Jersey , read on.

One great plyometric technique to improve your vertical in time-tested fashion is to utilize Box Jumps. By now, plyometrics have been proven effective. In this exercise, drop to the floor from the top of a stable object such a box, and instantly jump back on top of the object the moment you land. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Having strong calves is essential for jumping higher. Do toe raises in order to strengthen the power in your calf muscles. Whenever you do this movement Charles Barkley Jersey , be sure to do it forcefully. Do fifty to a hundred toe raises a day, adding weight as your calves get stronger.

Jump Roping is a great exercise for building your quads and calves. Don't do it "boxer style" where you are barely jumping off the ground, but bound into the air as high as you can on each jump. Do one set of 50 reps.

Review Of Dallas Custom Home Builders Services Review Of Dallas Custom Home Builders Services October 7, 2013 | Author: Leticia Morton | Posted in Customer Service

Current trends show that most folks are trying to steer away from purchasing already-built housing units. These groups of persons in many cases opt to build their own houses from the ground up. With such projects in mind Carl Landry Jersey , services of Dallas custom home builders usually come in handy. Below is a small review of what exactly this business entails.

Professionals in this industry offer to construct units from scratch. This is to mean they incorporate the plans, ideas and work with the location provided by the client. The residences built by such contractors are usually meant to cater for individual tastes and needs of the proprietor in question. In all cases, the properties finally developed usually reflect the character of each owner.

Ideas brought up by the client are usually sued to come up with a blueprint that would form the basis of the whole project. The blueprint here could be generated either by the contacting firm hired or by an independent architect depending on what the client decides upon. The blueprint would be drawn in such a way as to portray the exact type of house the buyer seeks to have in place.

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