Report: Ryan Fitzpatrick nearly benched a week ago
08. november 2018 kl. 07:28
Things didn’t start off too well last week against Pittsburgh for Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Buccaneers offense. Things were so bleak in fact that head coach Dirk Koetter considered pulling Ryan Fitzpatrick out of the game to get some game experience for Ryan Griffin. Given the job Fitzpatrick did to battle back with the offense to come within a touchdown of winning it’s probably a good thing the switch was never made. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport Chris Conte Jersey , Koetter disclosed this information to the team this week. Why would this be significant news as we head into the week 4 match-up against the Chicago Bears? Simple, the potential back-up quarterback this week is ultimately the franchise quarterback, Jameis Winston. A week ago it took a catastrophic first half to get the gears moving on possibly replacing Fitzpatrick with a back-up whom has never taken a snap under center in his NFL career. This week, the team’s franchise quarterback is back which means one can expect a far shorter leash than a week ago. As Rapoport concedes, some players in the room may feel this is a clear path to Winston returning sooner than later to his starting role. Fitzpatrick is up against a terrifying defense led by Khalil Mack today in Chicago Ryan Smith Jersey , it’ll be worth keeping an eye on this situation as the game progresses should it start to get out of hand. Khalil Mack and company could very well be Fitzpatrick’s undoing as the team’s starter and record setting quarterback of 2018.Vita Vea will make his debutMany reports are now confirming that Buccaneers first round pick defensive tackle Vita Vea will make his debut on Sunday. The Washington product has been recovering from an injured calf he suffered in training camp.ESPN’s Adam Schefter was first with the report.By The Numbers: Drew Brees vs Tampa Bay Drew Brees replaced Peyton Manning as the NFL’s all-time leading passer last night after Tre’Quan Smith scored a 62-yard touchdown on Monday Night Football.With 72,103 yards, Brees now sits atop the list of some of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game. Tom Brady is the next active quarterback on the list with 67,418 yards.This got me thinking, how has Brees performed against the Bucs over the years?Drew Brees vs. Tampa Bay Career Statscareer statsGWLTW-L%CmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntSkYdsRatecareer statsGWLTW-L%CmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntSkYdsRateDrew Brees vs. the NFL Career Statscareer statsGWLTW-L%CmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntSkYdsRatecareer statsGWLTW-L%CmpAttCmp%YdsTDIntSkYdsRateBreaking it down Cheap O. J. Howard Jersey , Brees has averaged around 281 pass yards per game with about a 2:1 TD-INT ratio against the Bucs compared to around 297 pass yards per game with about a 2:1 TD-INT ratio as well. Even though his overall numbers drop slightly against the Bucs, his win percentage is a tad higher. In the end, both splits show just how dominate he really is. Regardless, Brees has had an outstanding career and will go down as one of the top ten quarterbacks of all-time, if not higher than that by the time he retires. Even the most ardent of Bucs fans have to appreciate what he brings to the game. Congratulations Buccaneers DeSean Jackson Jersey , Drew!
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