Why does the thermal paper rub off?
22. december 2020 kl. 08:44
Have you ever wondered why the tickets they give you at the supermarket, at the gas station, or at your neighborhood store end up being erased if you leave them in your pocket or purse?

The quickest answer is ... well, there is no quick answer to this question.

"Thermal paper, also known as" chemical paper "or" thermal roll "is a special type of heat reactive paper, more information at https://buyrolls.com, It is printed using the direct thermal printing method; this means that it is printed thanks to the heat, without ink "
First of all, it is convenient to know how thermal paper tickets work to understand why they are erased. The composition of these tickets is closely related to the reasons for their deterioration.

The main component of thermal paper is, as you may have imagined, paper. The conventional paper base is the first layer of the fabric.

A pre-coat or "undercoating" is added above the base layer of paper, which acts as a homogenizing layer. It is a smoothing that favors the distribution of the other materials and better image resolution.

Finally, in the top layer, we have the thermal layer. This layer is made up of a group of chemicals such as colorant (black ink), developer, and sensitizer.

It is precisely this characteristic that causes tickets to be deleted over time or use. In addition to being heat-sensitive, thermal paper tickets are sensitive to light and humidity.
When activated by heat, the components of the thermal layer reveal the dye and this causes the paper to turn black. If we put a heat source such as a lighter or a match under the paper without touching it, we will see how the area darkens.

Why does thermal paper rub off
It is precisely this characteristic that causes tickets to be deleted over time or use. In addition to being heat-sensitive, thermal paper tickets are sensitive to light and humidity.

Rubbing with other materials or between other tickets will quickly degrade the topcoat and the material lose its tint. Another example is when we leave a ticket in the glove compartment of our car and after several days of heat, it is completely erased. Here although there have been no frictions, the same heat has made the chemicals react, erasing the ticket.

Why does thermal paper rub off

It is very important that if you need to keep a ticket, you scan it or make a photocopy of it as soon as possible. Conventional ink, unlike thermal paper, takes much longer to degrade and is more durable if you need to preserve it.

The use of thermal paper is mainly due to the speed of printing and the low cost of materials. It should be said that currently, the environmental impact is minimal since no toner or liquid inks are used. Maintenance of printing equipment is practically ZERO, and parts are cheap.

Bisphenol A
In addition, in search of less harmful and ecological options, currently, the Thermal Paper without Bisphenol A is on everyone's lips. Studies have recently been published on the toxicity of this component in high concentrations. Although it is true that thermal paper has a very low concentration of this chemical, alternatives are constantly being sought to eliminate it.

It should be added that the statements that have been made that "all tickets that are deleted contain Bisphenol A" are categorically false. There are many options that do not carry this substance, without going any further in our catalog you can find measures for all uses. The fact that they DO NOT CONTAIN Bisphenol A does not answer why the thermal paper is erased.

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