united states of america has nothing to match that it
14. august 2019 kl. 08:41
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Ednic Aarz
I just had shoulder surgery and needed pants that I could actually get on (no belt/zippers) for a couple months since I have to look presentable at work, even if I'm wearing a sling that says gimme-a-pass. I bought these and the Adidas. These are the winners. Fit perfect, great material, very soft and could almost get away with a "business casual" look (but for the logo by the pocket). Great value. Thank you Champions for letting me skate by at work - and easily a great workout set of duds. Now I look forward to the winter workouts!
Jose Armando Nava
After reading reviews, I'll be sure to hand-wash this and line-dry it! My husband loves it and the dog seems to like it as well =)

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