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We just fell in love with how adorable our pit puppy looked in her Jersey.
The fit was perfect for about a week but that's expected when you buy outfits for a growing pup.
Meno Alkaisy
This WOSAWE jersey seems to be well made and best of all it fits! I'm 6' tall with a 32" waist at about 142 pounds and a "large" fits me very well. It is not skin tight but is "professional fitting". The workmanship on this jersey is better than some others I have. I'll order another jersey for sure. These review is what I really think - I was not given any sort of incentive for my opinion.
Weng Kei Chong
Great athletic/casual pants. Nice look, nice cut, deep pockets, flexible, breathable, straight up and down with a nice over the sneaker leg opening. I paid $10 all in.
Abdallah Maadey

Alfredia sister becomes FDH's islamic cross punch a pendant

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