gives no hint of his personality
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gives no hint of his personalityWhen asked about his war experiences, he said that the army wholesale wholesale jerseys 2020 was the worst experience of his life and the best.[10] He drew on his experience as a reconnaissance rifleman for the central action of The Naked and the Dead, a long patrol behind enemy lines.[11]Mailer wrote 12 novels over a 59 year span. Shortly cheap mlb jerseys after The Naked and the Dead was published in May 1948.[12] A New York Times best seller for 62 weeks, it was the only one of Mailer's novels to reach the number one position.[13] It was hailed by many as one of the best American wartime novels and included in a list of the hundred best English language novels of the twentieth century by the Modern Library. The book that made his reputation sold over a million copies in its first year,[14] (three million by 1981)[15] and has never gone out of print.
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