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Do not "hard" brush the table dye jiahengstone
Table is dirty, timely cleaning cloth glue detergent with water and then wipe dry cloth wipe, do not use clean ball wire to wash, so easy to draw scratches.
3,angel headstones to avoid the surface contact alkali acid Golan Di class
Acid alkali burns the artificial stone surface, or the surface white, not in direct contact with acid and alkali. In addition to preventing other strong chemicals from contacting surfaces, such as paint remover, metal cleaning agent, oven cleaning agent. Do not contact methylene chloride, acetone (nail polish). Wash the surface with a lot of soapy water if you are in contact with the article. heart headstones If you're wearing nail polish, use a detergent that does not contain acetone (e.g., water or alcohol) and rinse it with water.
4, to avoid the surface by the strong impact of external force
No thick reinforced place, vigorously above cut the bone or by great impact may damage your table. Especially in the stitching line, avoid putting heavy objects.
Source 5, not directly on the table
Table cannot be placed too high temperature of the goods, such as from the stove or oven, microwave oven off hot pot, hot pot, or other high temperature appliance, may cause damage to the artificial stone surface and even crack should be put in the items below the insulation pad. Do not use cold water to rinse immediately after boiling water, to prevent cold and hot alternating impact damage.
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