This allows your facility to look more appealing
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Greater Curb AppealWhen potential customers, clients, or others come to you store, office or warehouse and see dim or poor lighting as they pull up, it may not be the first impression you would like to create.SavingsSome business owners think that LEDs cost more to install but that is only upfront cost.If your parking lot has outdated and low quality lighting and fixtures, not only your visitors but your bottom line is also at risk.LED systems offer more lumen output per watt of energy spent, which it makes them the most efficient lighting solution. By choosing LED lighting for your parking lot, you choose higher quality light along with higher efficiency.

This allows your facility to look more appealing Led Bulb Light and professional. By converting to LED, you can reduce your energy costs by a large extent. This can improve your bottom line too. LEDs offer a better Color Rendering Index rating as compared to other technologies.. High wattage and lumen output fixtures can make this very expensive. So before you lose any more money on industrial parking lot lighting, update to LED and turn your parking lots into brightly lit, safe spaces. Installing better technology lights, such as LED Tube China LED, you ensure the security of both your people and property. Low Usage of Energy Parking lot fixtures have to be kept switched on for 12 hours or more every day. People and Property Security Would you feel safe walking through a dark parking lot? Your customers, employees, and your assets are all highly important.

A brightly lit parking lot deters crime. In the long term, LEDs -*experience slower and less lumen depreciation than other light sources*last longer; longer life span = less replacement*require less frequent replacement and maintenance; less maintenance costs*increased longevity = less maintenance = improved bottom lineThese benefits are clearly useful but they are often overlooked and could be saving you money. Read on to learn why an increasing number of businesses are moving to LED lighting for parking lots. If you are wondering how, remember that parking lot lights consume a high amount of energy, especially if they are metal halides or High Pressure Sodium lights.Anyone who owns a parking lot or is responsible for running one, even owns a facility with a parking lot knows well the importance of parking lot security.
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