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09. maj 2018 kl. 10:15
And, in my opinion. Becoming harder to get sufficient mesos plays those gamers selling mesos for cash at the hand, boosting hacking. I quite often encounter characters moving throughout the maprather than seeing one meso being dropped, but what else is dropped in the spot where the personality is. The mesos are likely farmed right off and everything is simply dropped. It requires no effort on those Buy Maplestory Mesos players to accumulate a great deal of mesos because they just need to begin their hacking application and the computer does the rest. How else can they provide billions of mesos for money with the current regular mesos and equipment drop rate compared to hacking?

I have a hard time getting enough mesos by simply grinding, but I do not desire, and I don't do, buy them since I just hate those hackers using over the map I need to play in and buying mesos out of them would just encourage hacking even more.

I am here now to make a request to Nexon regarding the permanent bans that were handed out as penalties due to the cube exploit which took place last December. I believe some of those bans don't fit the punishment especially in light of recent events.

The reason why I am writing this really is Maplestory2 Mesos, a person I knew (a fantastic friend of mine) was banned in the wake of the December block exploit. This friend was given a permanent ban despite having done nothing except come into contact with exploited items through the Free Market. As I'm certain you are aware, following such an exploit happens, the current market is immediately flooded with exceptionally good items. Ordinarily, the tapped items would be relatively easy to spot, but this exploit took place during Miracle Time. Because of this, some items were purchased without a lot of suspicion and it is clear as anyone would buy strong items in a hurry if they were sold at a inexpensive price.
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