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The Dallas Cowboys have made their first acquisition since NFL free agency opened a week ago.

Free-agent linebacker Joe Thomas has reached a two-year deal with the Cowboys Matthew Slater Jersey , a person familiar with the deal told The Associated Press on Wednesday night. The person spoke to the AP on condition of anonymity because the deal hadn’t been signed, and there was no announcement from the team.

Thomas started eight of his 42 games the past three seasons for the Green Bay Packers. He was also a contributor on special teams.

Undrafted out of South Carolina State, Thomas initially signed with the Packers in 2014 and spent part of that season on their practice squad. After being a preseason roster cut by Green Bay in 2015, he then was on the practice squad in Dallas before being signed to the Packers’ active roster and making his NFL debut, playing 14 games that season.

The Cowboys lost linebackers Anthony Hitchens and Kyler Wilber in free agency. Hitchens signed with the Kansas City Chiefs, and Wilber signed with the Oakland Raiders.

AP Pro Football Writer Schuyler Dixon contributed to this report.

When Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell played the “fake news” card earlier this week in response to a report that he has told teammates he’ll show up and sign his franchise tender on Monday, Bell opted to keep his real plans to himself. And so Doug Baldwin Jersey , with 10 days until the Steelers travel to Cleveland for the first game of the regular season, Bell remains unsigned and unprepared and there’s a lingering sense of uncertainty as to when he’ll grab a helmet and get to work.

Bell’s agent already has said publicly that, “barring something exceptional,” Bell will arrive the week before Week One. So whether it’s Monday or Sunday or Saturday or Friday, Bell’s agent already has created the impression that Bell’s return is imminent. So when Bell shouts “fake news!” in response to a suggestion that Monday is the day, it seems odd that we wouldn’t finish the thought.

But Bell, for whatever reason Trent Taylor Jersey , chooses to maintain a mystery regarding his status, for reasons neither obvious nor apparent. The Steelers won’t give him a long-term deal to get him to show up because they can’t; that door slammed against the frame on July 16. In theory, the Steelers could offer him more money on a one-year deal. At this point, though, why would they? The time to use extra cash or other terms on a one-year offer to lure him to Latrobe has come and gone.

And given Bell’s agent’s on-the-record comments about when Bell likely will arrive (followed by no on- or off-the-record claims to the contrary), it’s hard to sell anyone on the idea that Bell actually is considering staying away and skipping out on weekly checks in excess of $855,000.

So there’s currently every reason to think Bell will be back soon. And there’s currently no reason for Bell to quibble with reports regarding when he’ll be back Danielle Hunter Jersey , unless he truly intends to return Monday but genuinely believes he has said nothing to any teammates that would give away his plan. Which would make the news technically fake but ultimately true.

Through it all, the Steelers have the power to give Bell and everyone else a late-summer surprise, by ripping the one-year contract offer away just as Bell is poised to put a pen to it. That would be the ultimate boss/prick move, depending on one’s perspective. There’s still no reason to think the Steelers would do it, in part because they’re keeping their cards a lot closer to the vest on this one than Bell.

Which means that it would still be wise to keep one eye open on the possibility that the Steelers will decide to save $14.54 million, to proceed with James Conner as the lead tailback, and to thrust Bell into the open market at a time when rosters are set Bruce Irvin Jersey , budgets are exhausted, and cap money may be scarce.
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