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13. september 2018 kl. 07:19

And that's not all! I've also got the top-tier rewards from Season 3: the fortnite materials Wick-styled"Reaper" skin, complete with trendy pickaxe and High Octane Glider, as well as a slick little brite backpack to put on all of these items to get them to lighten up a little. No Dark Knight, but none of it matters today. I'm moving on to a brand new account and starting new for Season 5. I'm not all that pleased about it.

Why am I leaving my Fortnite account supporting? The accounts that I've poured time, money and effort into? The answer is simple: I own a Nintendo Switch. Along with a Nintendo Switch could be a terrific way for me to play with this game on the go when I'm trying to find a bit more of an involved experience than what I could get on cellular.

However, my account is corrupt as much as the Change --the Xbox One--is concerned. I've used it to perform PS4, which means that I can't ever use it on the Switch due to Sony's hardline approach to cross-play and cross-progression. It is just mildly inconvenient if we are being honest, but what chafes is that there's no actual reason for it beyond protectionism. And because I own numerous platforms that I can make the switch, so to speak.

I am able to play on the exact same account an unlock benefits whether I am in my PS4, my PC, or my phone, which are my three chief platforms as of right now. However, now I'll be replacing the PS4 aspect of that equation with Xbox Switch and One: a superior setup, however, one that will require me to utilize my alternate account.

Heavy is the head, however, and Sony's inflexible stance on cross-progression is looking pretty frustrating next to the today wide-open Microsoft.

It's going to be hard for Sony to walk the More News thing back, even if it might eventually make a wider retreat. Plenty of players like me will have started alternate accounts and arleady shaped a kernel of resentment against the PlayStation. The game is far from up, but it is not Sony's finest moment.
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