What IF Eli Manning Didn’t Refuse to Play for San Diego?
07. december 2018 kl. 01:27
If you ever watched the movie Draft Day http://www.authenticlosangeleschargers.com/cheap-drew-kaser-jersey , you are well-aware of the intrigue and double-dealings that go into the NFL Draft.If you ever surfed the Internet around draft time, you are inundated about the intrigue and double-dealings that go into the NFL Draft, whether real or imaginary.While most of the hoopla is smoke-and-mirrors or beat writer daydreams, sometimes in the NFL, where there’s smoke there’s fire.The 2004 draft was one of the most explosive non-contact weeks the NFL has ever faced.In 2003, the Chargers were terrible enough to earn the enviable first overall pick the following draft. Just days before the draft, Manning’s agent, Tom Condon, told the Chargers that Eli would sit out the entire 2004 season if the team drafted him with the first overall pick.It was an instant circus.There were a number of QB-hungry teams, including the Chargers, the Giants, the Steelers, and the Browns.There were a number of eventual Hall of Fame quarterbacks to choose from, and no one was really sure what was going to happen.As fate would have it, the Chargers DID draft Eli Manning as the first overall pick.The Giants, picking at ,4# bucked conventional wisdom by passing over Ben Roethlisberger and selected Philip Rivers for the express reason of trading him to the Chargers.The Chargers picked up a shiny 2004 3rd rounder and a pair of 2005 picks (including their first round!).Getty imagesBut what if Eli didn’t refuse to play for the Chargers?Well, first off, the Chargers almost definitely would have still selected him and stuck with him.They agreed with the conventional wisdom at the time that Manning was the best all-around QB of the draft.However, keep in mind that the Giants loved him even more.They still might have tried to work out a trade with the Chargers.Even in this alternate timeline, things might have worked out exactly the same!As things stood Youth Michael Schofield Jersey , the cost of trading these two QBs is not far removed from the Giants trying to leapfrog into the 1st overall slot.I would guess that they would have to include an additional 2nd rounder in either 2004 or 2005 to the actual trade for the Chargers to seriously consider the move.In fact, after doing that, they could’ve very well continued the free-fall and traded with the Browns to pick up even more picks and still sit pretty at #7 overall (that said, the Browns were destined to Brown.According to Giants manager Ernie Accorsi, the Browns were ready to trade into the #4 spot while he was on the clock.But it wasn’t to select a QB, as they ended up passing on Big Ben when they moved up from 7 to 6 to select Kellen Winslow II.To this day, we have no idea why they were eager to trade up, as Eli Manning was already taken).After looking at how aggressive and risk-taking the Giants were in the actual timeline of events, this draft day leapfrog isn’t so far fetched.I think they would’ve moved heaven and Earth to get Eli Manning, and they did exactly that.The Chargers might still have ended up with Philip Rivers, but with an extra 3 or 4 picks from the Browns in tow (in addition to their 3 or 4 from the Giants).So, other than the Giants or Browns going balls-to-the-wall to make sure Eli Manning was their QB of the future, the next likeliest scenario is that Eli Manning plays for the Chargers, Ben Roethlisberger plays for the Giants, and Philip Rivers goes to the Browns or Steelers.It’s reasonable to assume that the Browns still select Kellen Winslow II and the Steelers grab our bolo-tied king.This is where things get tough for Chargers fans.Eli Manning will likely go down in history as one of the best “fine” quarterbacks of all time.He does his job and he goes home.He doesn’t often elevate his team, but he can string together a postseason run that vanishes the following year in the regular season.I can find no reason to think that Eli Manning would have ever elevated the Chargers above what they experienced with Philip Rivers.I honestly don’t think Manning would have ‘survived’ the McCoy years, where just above-average QB play would’ve had the team looking to the draft for better answers.He wouldn’t have been to blame for the Chargers’ woes, but after a few solid years, the Chargers would have sent him out to pasture (as many writers tried to do with Rivers around that same time).On the other hand, Roethlisberger might have brought the Giants even more success than they experienced with Manning.He is a rare talent, and a dominant defense Color Rush Mike Williams Jersey , like he ended up experiencing in Pittsburgh, would have played out similarly.I think the Giants win 2 Super Bowls with Big Ben, and get to at least one other (sound familiar?).Of course, the bright lights of New York might have gone to his head.The Steelers would’ve been in perhaps the best position of all with Philip Rivers.They love consistency, and they would’ve gotten exactly that out of Rivers.Much like his time in San Diego, there wouldn’t have been any QB drama, and he would end up being the face of the franchise for a generation.Philip Rivers grabs at least two Lombardi trophies while in Iron City, and I think that he would have performed identical or even slightly better over these last 2 years.If he could figure out how to beat Tom Brady, which is not a given, then the Steelers might be well past their ‘stairway to seven.’In short, if Eli Manning doesn’t refuse to play for San Diego, then he probably doesn’t win a Super Bowl.Roethlisberger was destined for a few trophy wins from the two teams that liked him, and Philip Rivers likely makes it to the promised land.That said, Philip Rivers is far from done.This true timeline might be the one with the most glory.Time will tell!-Jason “It’s Like TimeCop, But Different” MichaelsBreaking down the Chargers defensive game plan against the Bills If there is any good news following the Los Angeles Chargers sloppy and humiliating loss to the division-rival Kansas City Chiefs, it’s that it’s squarely in the rear-view mirror – and thank God for that. After a full week of practice, and hopefully a whole lot of film study, they’re headed to Buffalo for a Sunday tilt with Josh Allen and the hapless Bills.As you probably know by now, the Bills lost to the Ravens by 44 points last week in a game that saw Nathan Peterman and Josh Allen take six sacks and turn the ball over twice. This is not an offensive unit that did much of anything well in its season opener, as you might expect from a team that managed only three points, was 2/11 on third down Color Rush Melvin Ingram Jersey , and recorded a measly eight first downs in 60:00 of football.Based on what they did, or didn’t do against the Ravens, as the case may be; the Bills look like a perfect get-well match-up for a Chargers defense that struggled in its own right in its season-opener. With that in mind, let’s take a look at my defensive game plan for Sunday’s game against the Bills鈥tack the boxEveryone knows Bills head coach Sean McDermott wants to run the ball, and Sunday should be no different. It obviously gets LeSean McCoy involved early, but it also helps them protect Josh Allen as he makes his first NFL start. The problem is, his offensive line is brutal and, as mentioned above, everyone knows it’s coming. Yes, even Gus Bradley should be prepared for it.That’s why I expect to see eight and nine-man boxes on early downs. Look for the Chargers to attempt to eliminate running lanes by crowding the line of scrimmage. I’d also expect a steady diet of slants from the Chargers defensive tackles and, hopefully, a focus on A-gap blitzes as Gus Bradley looks to challenge the interior of the Buffalo offensive line.Gang tackleAs mentioned above, we all know the Bills will try to run the ball early. And, as we saw in this matchup last year, LeSean McCoy isn’t exactly easy to bring down in tight quarters, or in the open field. He shredded the Chargers nickel and dime defenses for 114 yards on 14 carries last season and will look to repeat that performance in front of his home crowd on Sunday.The Chargers must rally to the football as a team and gang tackle McCoy. They can’t afford to stand and watch their teammates try to bring him down one-on-one in the open field when one missed tackle could lead to a 70-yard house call. The second level of the Los Angeles defense, in particular, has to play through the whistle and bring Shady down the first time, or it could be a long, long day in Buffalo.Fire in the holeAside from a general lack of accuracy, the biggest thing that plagued Josh Allen in college was an inability to identify and adjust to on-coming blitzes. He would frequently misdiagnose blitzes http://www.authenticlosangeleschargers.com/cheap-joe-barksdale-jersey , hold the ball, and take bad sacks in his haste to push the ball down the field – and that hasn’t really changed to this point in his very young NFL career.The goal for the Chargers defense should be to create an immediate sense of chaos in the pocket by making the rookie feel trapped and crowded on every pass drop. That starts with twists, slants and stunts designed to drive the Buffalo interior line into Allen’s lap, but it also means hammering the A-gaps with blitzes and sending players like Derwin James, Desmond King and Kyzir White off the edges. If all goes to plan, the Buffalo signal-caller should be confused and more focused on the pass rush than he is on his receivers by the start of the second half.Press onThe Buffalo receivers looked lethargic against Baltimore. Zay Jones, Kelvin Benjamin and Jeremy Kerley struggled to separate, dropped balls, and didn’t seem overly interested in going out of their way to help their quarterbacks. This is a group that played slow on tape and, perhaps even more alarmingly, a couple of them appeared to check out and alligator-arm balls once the team fell behind.They represent the perfect matchup for the Chargers secondary, which thrived on being physical and aggressive in 2017; even if they weren’t given the opportunity to do that against the Chiefs last week. I’d like to see Gus Bradley let them crowd and jam Benjamin, Jones and Kerley as frequently as possible, daring the receivers to beat them over the top and creating tight windows for Josh Allen in the passing game.Despite what unfolded against the Chiefs last week, I do not anticipate the Bills posing much of a challenge for the Bolts on Sunday. I just don’t think they’re very good on either side of the ball and I expect the visitors to find ways to speed the game up and force critical errors from Josh Allen in his first career start. As long as they stack the box, gang tackle McCoy, attack Allen from multiple angles and press those wide receivers, this should be a fairly easy win for Anthony Lynn’s team.That’s my game plan, what’s yours? Let me have it in the comments section鈥
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