Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is set to join a very select club
07. december 2018 kl. 01:37
this weekend.Assuming nothing out of left field gets in the way Color Rush Joey Bosa Jersey , Rivers will start his 200th straight game when the Chargers hit the field in Seattle this Sunday. Eli Manning — who Rivers was traded for on draft day in 2004 — was the last to reach that mark and Brett Favre and Peyton Manning are the only others with streaks of more than 200 games.Favre has the record with 297 straight starts and that is a mark that Rivers said he was aiming for early in his career.“Favre was always a favorite of mine,” Rivers said, via “Still is. I kind of wanted to have that mark, or at least push for it in college. I was able to play 51 in a row in college. … I always thought of all the things in the pros, that would be the one, and I’m not going to get there. So y’all can do the math and figure out your projection of how many years I’m going to play, but I’m not going to get to 300. It’s pretty cool. I mean, the two Mannings and Favre have started over 200 in a row Color Rush Keenan Allen Jersey , and I just feel thankful.”Rivers will tie Peyton Manning with 208 straight starts if he stays in the lineup all season and he’ll pass the younger Manning for second place if he also starts the first three games of next season.Top Ten Individual Defensive Performances of 2017: #3 Joey Bosa v. NYG Wk. 5 #3.) Joey Bosa v. Giants - 6 tackles, 2 sacks, TFL, forced fumbleGiants fans might want to look away once again for this next defensive performance as we come right back to the Chargers’ first win of the ‘17 season.For the #4 performance, Melvin Ingram was highlighted as he harassed Eli Manning from the first whistle to the last. In this case, we’re going to be highlighting the action on the other side of the defensive line as Joey Bosa had himself a busy day against Big Blue, as well.It only took about four minutes into the game for the big bear to put a highlight onto the stat sheet. On a 3rd & 10 during the Giants’ first possession of the game,Bosa decided to test the right tackle on an outside speed rush. As Manning felt the pressure Youth Russell Okung Jersey , he stepped up into the pocket and drifted to Bosa’s side. This made it all too easy for #99 to stick his foot in the ground and come back to level the poor quarterback from behind.On the very next possession, Bosa whipped the right tackle once again as he collected his second sack of the day as he used his giant mitt to reach through two blockers and strip the ball from Manning’s hands. The quarterback was able to fall on the ball but a punt ensued. Within just the first 10 minutes of the game, Bosa came up with two drive-killing plays in as many possessions.Bosa collected his first tackle-for-loss early in the second quarter as the Giants decided it was a good idea to let rookie TE/Big Slot WR Evan Engram block him all by himself. This went about as expected. Bosa beat Engram off the line and simply followed in the right tackle’s back pocket until he was in the face of rookie running back Wayne Gallman.A few minutes later on a 2nd & 10, Bosa walloped Manning on an inside stunt that caused an incompletion to the flat.The rest of the game was a bit quieter for the second-year defensive end, but his earlier impact payed huge dividends as Melvin Ingram and the rest of the defense continued to make plays down the stretch which ultimately secured the close victory against Manning and co.
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Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is set to join a very select club huangjian123 83 07. december 2018 kl. 01:37


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