How to keep natural hair wigs’ hair color after dyeing hair
25. september 2019 kl. 04:03
It is not only to improve the skin color showing when you dyeing a suitable hair color for you lace front human hair wigs, but also the whole impression will be more fashionable and young. But the color seems could not be kept easily after finish your human lace frontal wig color dyeing, actually, the problem could solved easily if we could master some hair condition skill and select perfect hair care conditioner, both could keep natural hair wigs color lasting longer and healthy hair texture.
There are some details need to be noticed:
1,Do not use deep cleaning shampoo after dyeing hair of black wigs
2, Avoiding hair is directly shined by strong sun, the hair inside construction will be damaged even ruined by ultraviolet ray. The sun-umbrella, sun-hat, and sun-spray product are necessary when you would like to go to out door activities, they are the natural hair cheap lace front wigs hair light guarantee friends.
3, Remember that do not swimming to sea beach or pools of your home after you just dyed the hair of African American human hair cheap wigs, they will make your beautiful hair fading who are the salt of sea water, chlorid of your home pools and sulphur of the warm spring.
4, Although it has been several days after you dyed hair, we should paint conditioner on hair, then wear waterproof swimming hat, in this way, the hair color will be lasting and glossy.
How to keep hair color and glossy lasting:
<p>Normally, hair will have inanition after dyeing, it is reason why the hair become dyer and dyer, the hair color is losing day by day.In this time, the hair care and condition job could not be ignored or give up. It is first aid to damaged hair texture using repaired hair mask or essence care conditioner. The hair mask and essence could useful to hair inanition, but the effect will fade after you wash it, so the in time hair color deep repairing will be company with common hair conditioner.
Last but not least, there are 3 tips for washing colored hair:
1, Combing your hair before you wash the hair:
It is simple and cheap way of caring hair that we d better release hair tangled and combing hair slowly so that we could clean the hair and root part.
2,taking the correct way to wash hair:
When we washing the hair, please keep in mind that using the surface of the skin with the pads of the fingers,not nails. It could protect the hair and roots skin or lace.There is another notice when you washing hair: using pure water to clean the left shampoo of hair tail.
3, Do not using dryer when you just finishing hair washing:
We d better using towel to press the hair water away after we just washing hair, when we make the hair become a little dry, then the dryer could be used; if you use dryer immediately you washing hair, the hair will be destroyed seriously even ruined.
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