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Eline remembered by her old church
Eline's hometown church, Nazareth Evang. Luth. Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA honors her in a book published in connection with the 60th jubilee Oct. 1931, 11 years after her death.
The title is "Nazareth Danish Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cedar Falls, Iowa, 1871 - 1931. Fragments from the first sixty  years of its history"       

Two of Our Members Whose Lives Were Dedicated to the Foreign Field.
Mrs. Uhrenholt has already passed to her reward.

We asked Mrs. Horslund to write a few words about Mrs. Uhrenholdt, which she gladly did, but in Danish. Not to lose its original touch we are printing it in the Danish language.

[text follows in Danish. It is translated below by Hans Wendelboe Bøcher 2008]

Eline M. Arildsen, born April 19th 1875 in Cedar Falls, Iowa, was babtized by Rev. A. S. Nielsen and confirmed April 19th 1889 by Rev. Pastor J. Jensen Mylund in Nazareth Church. After a few years she went to Elk Horn Højskole. At a young a age, she here struggled with deep personal religious fights and suffered from religious scruples, before she could finally rest in the faith of the forgiveness of her sins. Late Rev. Anker was of great help during these years.

She felt an urge to go into the mission field; but it took several years before she finally did it. She also experienced, that we as humans need to suffer from grief and sorrow before we can enter the kingdom of God.

She was engaged to rev. Rabeck. The wedding was planned, but instead the congregation had to go to his funeral. This almost broke her will of life. She was deeply in grief and asked: "Lord, why?" But she also experienced that the Lord keeps his promises. He burdens noone more than he provides him with strength and will to bear the burden.

Eline then moved to Chicago to study to become a nurse. But after 9 months, she had to quit because of bad health. In stead she went to the State Normal School here in Cedar Falls, where she taught in the English schools.

From 1903 to 1906 she worked as a teacher at Brorson Højskole in Kenmare, North Dakota, together with Jens Dixen. She referred to these years as a climax in her life. Much revival was going on in the community at that time. How she happily saw young people kneel before God! Many reverents recall her with love from this period. She spend the summer time here in Cedar Falls by giving summer school, play the organ in the church and actively take part in the other work of the church.

In the congregation of Emaus, Racine, Wisconsin, she gave christian congregation lessons for 9 years. There she also gladly attended the work of the church. This was also where she engaged Dr. Uhrenholt, who at that time studied to become a doctor to go to Sudan [NOTE: NOT the country, but the territory in mid Africa.] as a missionary.

She then moved back to Chicago to complete her studies to become a nurse, and returned in the autumn of 1915 to wed Dr. Uhrenholt. Together they travelled via Denmark to the dark Sudan, where her husband died from Black Water Fever. She travelled back home to see her old parents and siblings.

In spite of her sorrow and loss, she managed with a wonderful strength. One could feel that she matured for Heaven. The words of the poet [NOTE: Diderik Peter Svendsen, 1860. The lyrics is in the National Danish Psalm and Hymn Book, 2008] "Verden ejer ingen lyst, som kan fylde dette bryst" [i.e. "The world holds no delight, which can fill my chest any longer"] fits her perfectly. She was faithful and true in words and belief, humble, awake and careful.

She travelleled a lot to talk about the mission. The hearts we thrilled from listening to her talking with warmth and fervour about the Great Need out there. Many will remember her from this period.

But she could not settle at home. She once again went out with the thought in heart and mind, that she would return to take care of her old parents; but the Lord arranged otherwise. She died shortly after by the same sickness as her husband. She is buried in Numan, where her dust rests until the Dawn of Resurrection.

Peace be with her.


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