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Eline back home in Nebraska
After Mogens' death in Feb. 1919, Eline travelled home to family and friends in Iowa and Nebraska. Here she continued her work in the mission, and steadily prepared herself to return to Shellem, Nigeria. The letter was published in "Sudan", no. 12, December 1919. In Danish.

                                                                                  Blair, Nebraska, October 20th 1919.

Dear friends!

I have not yet heard from England about my passport, thus everything is still uncertain. However, the Lord has arranged, that I still have strength to talk about the mission in Sudan on several occasions. And every time I am inviteted, I feel obliged to go. 

I have only been to the places, where people specifically has sent me an invitation, and everywhere the church door has been wide open for me. I have met many old friends, whom I have not seen for several years; and each time it has been as if the old friendships was continued without any break; just as genuine, just as warm. Childhood and youth friendships are wonderful, and carry on into the future! 

Rejoice with me! Sudan is gaining strength over here; argueably there are opposition; even strong opposition from certain parts of the country, but from others overwhelmingly powers of love embrace us. This has given me strength in these days, when a strange mixture of sorrow and happiness is resting in my heart. Sorrow from what is lost, happiness over what is gained. 

I have been very busy since I came back home; but now I see a possible, quiet time together with my family. We all have been longing for it, but I have until now felt, that I had to go to all these places, and on each trip I have received the grace of God.  

The friends here pray, that God will send Sudan a doctor if it is compatible with His will. I know that some of the young medicin students are toying with the thought of going abroad, but we pray: "Lord, not what we like, or those we like, but those you will; what you will!"

The postman will soon be here, so I have to conclude.

With love to you all, "He is my peace."

Yours in Christ
Eline M. Uhrenholt

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