he called null on it before the series started too
21. april 2021 kl. 01:24
he called null on it before the bts official merch series started tooNot particularly quick but let say someone lived in a foreign country for 10 years? Absolutely no excuse for not being able to hold a conversation. Heck my grandma mamamoo merchandise immigrated over 50 years ago and still can read the language, which is just lazy in my opinion.If i were to move BTS Merch abroad i absolutely make an attempt to learn to the language and become fluent. If you in a different country you should accommodate the native residents, not the other way around.Everyone does does, you not special in this regard, and after 2 years you still talking at a level that most native Spanish speakers would find slow and broken.
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he called null on it before the series started too shariyoung 757 21. april 2021 kl. 01:24


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